Azure Application Architecture

Secure Azure Applications

Our security experts and developers help you secure your applications. We perform consulting, architectural descriptions, roadmaps, development processes and help you write secure code.

Advisory services for Apps in Azure

We help you choose the right applications in Azure. We adapt our advisory service to what you need, as well as your vision and take in all the great experience and high competence we have with us.

Frontline Worker Transformation to Microsoft 365

Påbörja digitaliseringsresan för era Frontline Workers redan idag. Vi har en beprövad metod, certifierade förändringsspecialister och tekniska specialister för att möjliggöra en så bra förändring som möjligt.

Secure Azure Application

Our security experts and developers help you secure your applications. We provide advice, architecture descriptions, roadmaps, development processes and help you write secure code.

If you are developing your own services in Azure, we need to consider security from the outset and take advantage of services such as databases, encryption, identities, and authentication that are available in the Microsoft Cloud. This is instead of building your own versions to achieve the same thing.

This enables you to use services that work as a whole and are constantly updated by dedicated teams for all customers.

You need to manage these capabilities:

  • Identity
  • Data protection
  • Key management
  • Application configuration

Advisory services for Apps in Azure

Our Azure architects and developers help you choose the right path for your Azure applications. We adapt our consultancy service to what you as a customer need, and to your vision, and we make all our extensive experience and top expertise available to you. We are constantly updated concerning the platform roadmap.

Among other things, we help you with the following:

 • Strategy and planning
Transformation of your applications to Azure Governance and processing
• Landing zones and standardization
Development and Innovation

What type of services should we use – IaaS, PaaS or SaaS?

We will help you determine what type of service to use in the Microsoft Cloud platform. A lot depends on whether you are able to use standardised services and so leverage the power of Microsoft’s development work for all services, instead of building your own.

How do we get DevOps in Azure, and what tools do we need to use?

Azure DevOps offers a variety of services and tools. Here, we advise on which services to use and how to use them in your DevOps work.

How do we make our applications secure?

Azure has a bottom layer of security, but you need to put security measures in place for your applications. This ranges from network, monitoring, identity and access, to protecting and encrypting sensitive data. We use security controls and review this with you to enable creation of a level that suits your needs.

How do we streamline our applications and successfully monitor resource utilization?

We’ll help you to design-review your applications to see if anything needs to be done to make them as streamlined as possible.

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