Cyber Security as a Service

Ready to take charge of your cyber security?

In a time where cyber threats are not just evolving, but also intensifying, organizations face an increased challenge. Ransomware and phishing attacks surge at an alarming pace, costing companies millions of dollars yearly. But it’s not just the scale of attacks that’s worrying – it’s their sophistication.  

Protect your environment with our solution MXDR + Advisory

In this high-stakes environment, Coligo steps in as your trusted managed security service provider. Our proactive advisory and Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR), powered by ColigoSOC, isn’t just a solution – it’s a strategic partnership that fortifies your organization’s defenses.

Combining the capabilities of Microsoft Defender XDR and Sentinel as SIEM/SOAR, along with our extensive expertise, we provide a comprehensive security service. As a Microsoft Security Partner and Threat Protection specialists, we offer tailored, innovative, and flexible solutions for your specific needs.

What MXDR + Advisory encompasses

Managed (XDR) Extended Detection & Response

Our team of experienced security engineers manages your security platform with best-in-practice configurations. While security analysts analyze logs to detect and address malicious activity.

Security Advisory
& Awareness

By providing expert guidance, we enable you to strengthen the first line of defense against initial access and compromises.

Threat Hunting

Through proactive hunting, we identify early indicators of potential intrusions or threats within your organization’s network and systems.

Custom Detection

By utilizing the latest insights, we tailor our detection mechanisms to fill the missing gaps.

Reports & Insights

Gain actionable information for data-driven decisions and proactive security enhancements.

Vulnerability Management

We systematically identify, assess, and prioritize vulnerabilities. Ensuring proactive mitigation strategies are in place to safeguard your environment.

The extension of your team

With ColigoSOC, you’re not just implementing a security solution – you’re extending your team with experts who are as invested in your security as you are. We collaborate closely, sharing insights and strategies, ensuring that every layer of your organization’s defense is fortified. 

This is how it works


Strategic preparation

ColigoSOC focuses on a solid foundation with clearly defined security policies, asset identification and classification, and established incident response protocols. We emphasize comprehensive training and equipping our team with necessary tools and knowledge for optimal, customized service delivery.


Detection and analysis

Leveraging XDR and SIEM capabilities, along with custom detection rules, ColigoSOC specializes in early threat detection. This proactive approach lays the groundwork for in-depth analysis and a secure environment for your organization.


Remediation and recovery

In the face of a threat, our response is rapid and effective, combining swift containment with automated response strategies. Our aim is to eliminate the root cause, minimize disruptions, and ensure a swift and efficient recovery process.


Post-incident assessment

After an incident, ColigoSOC conducts root cause analysis. Collaborating with our advisory team, we continuously refine our strategies and enhance our services, strengthening your defenses and readiness for future challenges.

Talk to us!

Our security advisors collaborate closely with your team, addressing risks identified by the ColigoSOC (Coligo Security Operations Center) and strengthening defensive strategies, ensuring a proactive, client-focused approach to cybersecurity.

Interested in learning more about our services? We are here to answer your questions!