The Coligo sustainability program

Sustainability with Coligo

Coligo is a leading IT company driving innovation in modern work and cyber security. With our expertise and mindset, we help organizations and their people focus on achieving their goals – by creating state-of-the-art working conditions and protecting them from cyber-attacks. 

At Coligo we recognize that our environment is changing significantly. Global challenges such as the climate crisis, resource scarcity, and social injustice require transformations. As an IT company we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to ensure that our business and products benefit mankind and our planet. 

We face up to this responsibility. With our sustainability program SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER, we are committed to achieving more than just IT. We want to make our contribution to a sustainable development and act as a role model for others to follow. For us, acting more sustainably means reducing the footprint of our business activities and increasing its positive impact. In our sustainability agenda, we focus on three areas where we can make a real difference today and in the future: 

  1. Tackling climate change by minimizing climate and environmental footprints.
  2. Promoting decent work and productive employment by creating excellent working conditions.
  3. Standing up for an inclusive society.


Guided by the UN Global Compact and the Microsoft Pledge initiative we are convinced that our greatest leverage is linked to our customers. Therefore, we do not only integrate sustainability into our existing deliveries, but also develop new services in our three focus areas. 

In addition, we work hard to make our organization and every-day activities more sustainable and engage with partners to promote our sustainability efforts. 

Sustainability at Coligo

Internal sustainability at Coligo AB (2021)

Greenhouse gas emissions 1 
Scope 1 emissions (tCO2e)9.01 t CO2e 2
Scope 2 emissions (tCO2e)0.01t CO2e 2
Power consumption 
Total energy consumption (kWh)4,455kWh
Total consumption of renewable energy (kWh)51kWh
Share of renewable energies in total consumption (in %)1.20%
Proportion of women 
Proportion of women in the total workforce (in %)11.10%
Number of members of the management / board of directors6
Number of managing directors / female board members0
Proportion of women in management / board (in %)0.00%
Accidents at work 
Number of reportable accidents at work0
Number of fatal accidents at work0
Number of lost days0
Number of net hires (organic growth, in FTE 3 ))2
Number of net new hires (total, in FTE 3 )2
Employee turnover (in %)0.00%
Employee surveys 
Do you conduct annual employee surveys?Yes

1 The results give an indication of the magnitude of greenhouse gas emissions. The data are partly based on reference values.

2 CO2 equivalents are a unit of measurement to standardize the climate impact of the different greenhouse gases

3 Full-time equivalent, i.e. number of full-time equivalents (full-time positions)