Healthcare: Enable employee communication

Digitalization have not yet empowered the entire care and medical fields. Helping care personnel focus more on quality and less on technology and staying updated improves patient care.


The frontline workers have been left out of the journey of digitalization and there is a clear need for better communication and collaboration throughout the medical fields from care and nursing to doctors.

Ideal solution

Medical and care organizations need a playbook to structurally help the frontline workers improve their communication, collaboration and ways of working to deliver better quality care and focus on patients.

Desired outcomes

A more engaged and empowered workforce will give your organization higher employee satisfaction, more innovating solutions and more satisfied customers.

Frontline Transformation

Get a complete playbook to digitize, update processes and create new ways of working for your most important functions – the frontline worker.


Vision and Business Plan

Get a vision with the introduction of Microsoft 365 linked to opportunity analysis to develop new digital ways of working.


Digitization Playbook

Get a playbook for how to enable digitization, optimize processes and change the way of working for your frontline.


Realize full potential of Microsoft 365

A more engaged and empowered workforce will give your organization higher employee satisfaction, more innovating solutions and accelerated production.

Included in Coligo Frontline Transformation package

To perform transformation effectively a proven and methodology is preferred. Coligo Frontline Transformation is a full package for business decision and how your organization can build the competence to continuous implement together with the business. This includes a pre-study that defines business value, goals and how to measure success. Together with selected representatives from the business a proof of concept is defined and upon decision a coupe of transformation plays implemented as pilots.

The result is a ready to run playbook for each target group within the frontline.

Defined business value and goals

• Vision statement
• Goals and measurements
• Envision (workshop series)

Proof of concept (PoC) and pilots

• PoC for business decision
• Plays piloted on target group
• Evaluation and enhancement

Transformation playbook

• Target groups defined
• Plays per target group
• Executable by internal organization
Coligo support for implementation is available


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